The Rethinking Inheritance conference will be held at The New School for Social Research (NSSR) in New York City.

Friday, April 27, 2012

80 5th Avenue, NYC, NY. 5th Floor, G529.

7:30 pm: Welcome Reception

  • For conference participants and New School students and faculty

Saturday, April 28, 2012

6 East 16th Street, NYC, NY. 9th Floor.

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm: Welcome and Opening Address (Room 913)

  • Welcome by Janet Roitman (Chair, Anthropology, NSSR)
  • Opening Address by Gil Anidjar (Religion/MESAAS, Columbia University)

1:35 pm – 2:40 pm: Session I

  • Cluster 1: Curating Identity (Room 908)

Moderated by Joella Bitter (Anthropology, NSSR)

  1. Frederick Howard (Anthropology, NSSR)
  2. John Bodinger de Uriate (Anthropology, Susquehanna University)
  3. James Verinis (Anthropology, SUNY-Binghamton)
  4. Kaitlynn Yen Redell (Parsons The New School for Design)
  5. Kimbra Smith  (Anthropology, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs)
  • Cluster 2: Creating Kinship (Room 910)

Moderated by Rachel Feldman and Kiran Kaur (Anthropology, NSSR)

  1. Miya Ando (Artist)
  2. Ann Chusid (Attorney)
  3. Vivian Wong (Information Studies, UCLA)
  4. Yali Lewis (Parsons the New School for Design)
  5. Christina Verano Carter (Anthropology, Columbia University)
  6. Gillian Chilibeck (Anthropology, McGill)

2:40 pm – 2:50 pm: Coffee Break

2:50 pm – 3:45 pm: Session II 

  • Cluster 3: Building Legacies (Room 901)

Moderated by Pedro de la Torre III (Anthropology, NSSR)

  1. Scott Brown (Anthropology, NSSR)
  2. Clate Korsant (Anthropology, NSSR)
  3. Alexandra Kowalski (Anthropology, Central European University)
  4. Asaaf Harel (Anthropology, Rutgers)
  5. Jacob A Dreyer (East Asian Studies, NYU)
  • Cluster 4: Diaspora in Practice (Rooms 902 and 904)

Moderated by Whitney Campbell (Anthropology, NSSR)

  1. Rachel Finn (Independent scholar)
  2. Noam Osband (Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania)
  3. Anna Sherbany (Artist)
  • Cluster 5: Technology and Transmission (Room 910)

Moderated by Quincy Amoah (Anthropology, NSSR)

  1. Ronit Yoeli-Tialim (History, Goldsmiths)
  2. Victor Kumar (Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University)
  3. Scott Schwartz (Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center)
  4. Casey Golomski (Anthropology, Brandeis)

3:45 pm – 3:50pm: Short Break

3:50pm – 4:30 pm: Session III

  • Cluster 6: Heritage and the Imperial Imagination (Room 903)

Moderated by Charles McDonald (Anthropology, NSSR)

  1. Christine Folch (Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center)
  2. Virginia Harbin (Art History, Rutgers University)
  3. Yukiko Koga (Anthropology, Hunter College/CUNY)
  • Cluster 7: Narrating Memory (Room 912)

Moderated by Clate Korsant (Anthropology, NSSR)

  1. Joella Bitter (Anthropology, NSSR)
  2. Samantha Fox (Anthropology, Columbia University)
  3. Amitai Touval (Baruch College/CUNY)
  • Cluster 8: Performing Power (Room 909)

Moderated by Whitney Campbell (Anthropology, NSSR)

  1. Joseph Hiller (Women’s, and Sexuality Studies, Grinnell College)
  2. Robert Clark (Anthropology, Mansfield University)

4:35 pm – 5:00 pm: Closing Remarks (Room 913)

  • Miguel Robles-Durán (Urbanism, Parsons The New School for Design)

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Closing Reception (Foyer)


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